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CV Tips

A CV is often the only medium used to get an interview so it is imperative that it reflects your key skills and experience, as well as catching the attention of the reader. Ideally a CV should cover 2-3 pages.

It should include the following:

  • Personal Details - name, address, contact phone number, e-mail address
  • Personal Profile - (written in the third party) showing brief information about your personality, characteristics, strengths and possibly career objectives.
  • Employment History - listed in reverse chronological order over the last 10 years - show job title/positions held company and employment dates, major projects dealt with. If you do not have extensive work experience, include all previous positions (including part time) even if not directly relevant.
  • Education - highest achievement first - show qualification, grade, subject, dates and name of University/College.
  • Skills - show any additional skills/training/courses/certificates which may be relevant. Include any papers which you may have had written/published.
  • Professional Memberships
  • Hobbies - a brief outline
  • References - need not be included at this stage but if you choose to then two are adequate (include current/last employer or lecturer) but do ensure you have your referees' permission.